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Lemon Demon has finally made enough money from his lemonade stand to goof off at the arcade!  In Lemon Demon's Day at the Arcade, you'll play through a variety of Lemon Demon themed arcade machines ranging from Lifetime Achievement Award and Soft Fuzzy Man to deep cuts like Eighth Wonder!

Every machine has a different art style, story, and gameplay mechanic to wrap your head around! Can you beat them all?! Well gee, I sure hope so...

Inspired by games like Undertale, Super Mario Bros, Doki Doki Literature Club and The Legend of Zelda among many others!  It's a Lemon Demon fangame!  A Lemon Demon game, if you will!

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I can't quit the minigames at the arcade,I tried to press escape tons of times but it didnt work either. And every time i need to quit the game it never saves, what should i do?

Oh, sorry bout that! The game is super short so it doesn't save. The minigames themselves are relatively short as well so I didn't think to implement a pause menu during them.


sadly my mouse refuses to show up on the screen every time i try to play it :( my mouse works everywhere else so very sad :( i will rate it 5/5 (even though i didnt get to play it) because i love lemon demon and the starting screen is cool

Oh - it's not a mouse game! You move with WASD, interact with stuff using spacebar, and pause using Escape


i love this game so much thank you 

Happy to hear it - I'm glad you had fun! :3


hey uh how do u leave the game hshshhs

If you press escape a menu will pop up that'll let you leave, swap to fullscreen, or resume ^.^


i raged a little too much during lifetime achievment award


lemon demon? *remebers all the times he almost ate my girlfriend*


dont freak out bro, but I think you have the wrong lemon demon 


don't worry, i get it isn't Monster from Friday Night Funkin'


ah ok, cool. just thought you might not be aware that this is about our lord and savior Neil Cicierega


yes, i know. he's referenced alot in the fnf community


ahh bummer, too bad it doesn't work for mac :( well I guess I could check in every couple of weeks.


10/10 Game!! My Lemon Demon hyper-fixation is so happy right now lol!! I loved all the references and I will recommend!


I'm glad you liked it, I tried to pack it full of as many goodies as humanly possible! ^.^

unfortunately i downloaded this without checking if it would work with chrome or mac os but take my money anyways flhflhasah

Oof, sorry about that!!! I'll try to get the Mac version working as soon as I can!!

cool! this is such a fun looking game i can't wait :))))))

Hey, sorry for the long wait!!!! เธ…(โ—ยดฯ‰๏ฝ€โ—)เธ… I've been trying to get in touch with a friend of mine who has a mac to help with the porting process and he hasn't been responding - outside of that there isn't much I can do, big, BIG apologies!

that's okay! 


Hi hello!
So I has playing your amazing fangame of yours and uh.
What are the controls i cant seem to find them anywhere.
Any who overall this is an amazing game!!
Keep up the good work!

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WASD and Spacebar are the controls, sry bout that! ^.^ (also press ESCAPE to pause!)


I loved this game,Especially the many many references of other popular games like zelda,earthbound and many lemon demon jokes.

Best part of all when you are walking to the arcade building TWO TRUCKS Is PLAYING! (I love that song.)

Soft fuzzy man was ehh alright to be honest,lack of visuals.

Great game! 

Thank you for the feedback on Soft Fuzzy Man!  I might have a similar project in the works in the future, so feedback like that is really important! :3


Hey maybe I could help you on visuals if you're interested? :D

Possibly! I'll contact you if anything comes up!


Awesome! Looking forward working with you in the possible future!

You can find me on Instagram @RatKing /Rottinstein ( do not have twitter sorry) :p


I took a break from work to check out the music, awesome work! that last screen tho +SPOILER+

Lemon Demon get back to work!


This game is really fun! I liked it so much that I did a speedrun of it! I only found one bug/glitch. I have the buttons turbo'd so they go really fast and I can start the games in an instant, but when I did that on the Eight Wonder one it crashed my game, I'm not sure why this happens on this one and not on the others but it's really strange. Also I'm 90% sure this game wasn't meant to be speedran so oops


This is super cool to watch! I love watching playthroughs of my games, but I'd never seen a speedrun before until this video! Thank you so much for sharing ^.^  Also, yeah I'm not sure why Eighth Wonder crashed, I might take a peek into the code to sort things out.  Anyway, thanks again for sharing, this is awesome!


i dont think ill ever be able to listen to spiral of ants the same ever again, 10/10 game!! also you did me some good by putting it in the lgbt tag lmao

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing ^.^


This shit is really fun! Love the references!!! 

Thank you!!! I tried to cram in as many as possible! :D


the fact that i found this game under lgbt tag is hilarious , you knew exactly who wants this game and you were completely right, i loved it!

heheh, thanks, I'm glad you liked it :D

how do i leave an arcade machine while playing? if there's no way to do this you should add it, and just generally more info on the controls

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At the moment you can't leave machines you're in the middle of playing due to various bugs that popped up whenever I tried to add a leave button.  In terms of controls, it's really just WASD and spacebar - I wanted to keep things simple!

Hey, I really like the game, but I do have a problem.

This could be entirely on my part of not knowing but how do I exit the spiral of ants game after I've gotten the replay screen? I assume that's where it ends. Whenever I get that screen I can of course replay it but I can't exit the game and have to restart, losing my progress.


When you say the replay screen, do you mean the screen after you complete the final room with the red square labeled "Level 4?"  At that screen you should be able to just press space and it will beat the arcade machine.  It's also possible you might've bumped into a wall before entering the final red square.

Oh yeah, I think I just bumped into a wall there. Sorry for the trouble!

P.S The Lifetime Achievment Award game was delightfully difficult (for me atleast) good job!

Well I'm glad you made it through, haha, thanks for playing!


I cant find the rating button but once i do i'll give this 5 stars

All the references here were really good.

I thought that spiral of ants might be kinda funnier if the third level was a spiral like the 1st and 2nd, and then every level was just a spiral with more and more loops, and on the third level spiral of ants starts playing or something. Mostly because I wanted to sing while playing. But that's just me.

The rating button is at the top right corner of the screen <3

Also, thank you for the advice!  When making the spiral of ants game, I got somewhat caught up in the scary maze game I was basing it off of, but you're right in that I probably should have stuck more closely to the song, haha!

I still don't see it. I've got a follow button, collection button, and "view all by bitter", but no rating button.

I actually forgot to enable the rating function *faceplants into bowl of lemon juice* please check again! 

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sobs in macbook

Sorry about that! To export from GameMaker to an OS you need to have that OS, so I'm trying to set up a Mac VBox.  Mac version will be up some day soon!

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This is a great game. I don't know anything about Lemon Demon , so I might miss the reference in this game. But I can say this is a well made game, I don't encounter any serious issue during my playthrough. I seriously can't say anything else except this game is really good.

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Aaawww, thank you so much, I love seeing playthroughs my of my games!  Also, I really would recommend listening to Lemon Demon - his music is what's playing throughout the game, it's really good!